C-Class IP

network_cablingOnce you sign up with a web hosting company, the domain that is allocated to you will receive an IP address. This IP address acts just like a postal address, which is used to locate your house, and in this case it is used to locate your domain and help people on the web locate your website.

This IP address consists of 4 components, which are referred to as classes – A, B, C and D. For e.g. – If is an IP address, 109 refers to A class, 23 refers to B class, 45 refers to C class and 68 refers to D class. Now it is this C class IP hosting that helps one identify that if you are hosting multiple sites on the same IP address. This action is considered unethical by some search engines and also attracts a penalty is few cases. This is the reason why individuals and companies go in for hosting sites on different C-class IP addresses.


Concept of Layering in Living Room Interior Design

2444801_Kiawa25513Layering is a conscious effort to make the entire room feel textured and unique. To be precise, layering is done on various interior elements, from accessories to the solid piece of furniture to give an impression of a well-constructed and artful interior space. Implementing the concept of layering in Living Room Interior design would be more fun to start with because you can use different textures, patterns and materials to make the living room cosier.
Say, for example, if you want a classic style to be implemented, you can very well overlap a vintage appearance to it. Layering, as such, doesn’t have a hard and fast rule which makes you create a personalized signature design.
Whatever design you want to overlap, make sure that it is you who is going to spend most of the time there! So, make it personal. Even if you are inspired by many online ideas, you can still add a personal touch to add more warmth to the living room.

Crucial m500 240gb – the sure boost that your computers need

storagereview-crucial-m500-ssdYou are worried with the speed of your computers? And also that it has no storage at all left? You may be deliberating in investing in a brand new system but you are worried about the sensitive data present in your computer. If you are in this kind of a fix, then fret not. Because the solution to all your problems is here – the Crucial m500 240GB SSD. This tiny 2.5 inches to be precise storage system is sure to give you respite from all the above problems.
Data encryption – the need of the day:
This storage disk is self encrypting and a natural mechanism against any kind of theft of the intellectual property from either your personal computer or business one. The device is manufactured with the highest standards laid down by the TCG Opal specifications. The hardware encryption system also includes the addition of software such as the bitLocker from Microsoft and Embassy Trust Suite from the famous Waves Systems.

Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal Product Review

pacific-outdoors-disc-golf-goal__51-dntjv-lDisc golf or Frisbee golf is an accuracy sport and great for a family time or outdoor getaway on a windy day. Compared to other Frisbee golf baskets in the market, Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal model is a lot sturdier and great for backyard practice.
The good part is it can be left in the backyard long-term without having to dismantle it and bring it in after every use. It comes with three discs and the goal has three easy release pins which make it easy for set up and release.The base is quite solid and seems to be reasonably ok on different terrains. It also comes with a flag on the top for showing wind directions.
If you are looking for something that is not very expensive, sturdy, close to PGDA dimensions, portable with adjustable settings then the Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal is the one to go for.